Shoshanah Tarkow

and Chief Citizen Curator

Shoshanah Tarkow is a scholar, conceptual artist, director, and theatre-geek turned self-taught techie, working in the interstices between real/virtual, human/nonhuman, analog/digital.  Her artistic digital interventions explore the way art, community, consciousness, and experience function in a digitally mediated world.  Shoshanah’s work creates spaces and opportunities for dialoging about ethics and integrity online, and the need for digital mindfulness.  She is the creator and developer of the Digital Happening project (a community-sourced, durational, artistic experience modeled after Allan Kaprow’s 1960’s Happenings and presented on social media).  

Shoshanah is a co-founder, resident director, and digital content curator for the immersive theatre company Like Fresh Skin.  In that capacity, she works on developing interactive and immersive theatrical experiences which utilize presentation techniques from museum and media studies, as well as traditional theatre.  Shoshanah received her BFA in Theatre Studies from Adelphi University and her MA in Performance Studies from New York University. For more information about Shoshanah and her work visit